A Savior Is Born: Part 2 – Peace

Sunday was Part 2 of the Special Christmas series at Grand Heights called “A Savior Is Born.”  It’s really been fun getting to add the extra Special Music numbers and Videos now that we have the two extra video projectors.  I’ve not personally heard that much feedback on them from you at Grand Heights, but I think they look awesome and have really added to the Worship at Grand Heights.  Not only do they help visually in the Praise & Worship sections of the service, but they add to the sermons as well.  The movie-quality video illustrations really help setup the sermons nicely, too.

If you like this as much as I do, know that we have even more surprises in store for the upcoming Christmas Musical: God Coming Down on December 22nd.  It’s going to be the BEST MUSICAL YET at Grand Heights as we’re incorporating the new video projectors and programming lighting effects in a whole new way…even more dramatically than is being done in these Special Christmas Services in December.  I hope that you are planning to attend the Musical this year and are inviting family and friends already.

If you haven’t invited someone to Grand Heights Special Sunday Christmas Services…PLEASE PICKUP ONE OF THE CARDS and invite someone.  Only two weeks are left in the series.  And invite someone TODAY for the Christmas Musical while you’re at it.

Here’s a setlist of the songs from the service…

Here’s some of the albums that these songs were taken from…

  A Christmas Story Offering (Christmas Version) Christmas City On A Hill: It's Christmas Time Great God Who Saves


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