The search for a Custom Header

So in setting up this Blog, I initially decided that I would just use my current web host provider to Blog with the internal Blog application that came with my service.  It was a version of WordPress, so I figured it would be the easiest way to begin Blogging.  And, indeed, it was…in the space of a few hours I had purchased a new domain, setup a new Blog, and linked it to my new domain.  I chose a template (maybe you saw the snowboarding theme on Day 1 of the Launch) and entered my first post and first page.  All was well…until I decided that I wanted my own custom image for the header.

Today, I discovered that a custom header was not possible if I continued to use my host’s Blog application.  Bummer. 

So, I had to start all over again.  I spent a great deal of time researching how to make a custom header, and I discovered a REALLY GREAT Blog in the process.  Check out this Blog if you want to see an example of someone who Blogs for her children’s benefit…and she has seven of them…I’m sure you’ll find much to read there that is encouraging.

So, basically I setup a whole new Blog, exported my original Blog, imported it into my new Blog, created the header and background, and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked.  I hope you like it.  Next, I need to delete my original Blog and link my domain to this new Blog.  Hopefully, it will work.

If you’re reading this on right now… then it did!  Yeah…what a relief!


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