A reason to Blog…

Thanks for coming to www.PDsBlog.com to read my personal Blog.  This is my first post.  For those of you who blog all the time, Kudos to you!  I’ve not really spent much time out there in the Blog-o-sphere.

Being a youth pastor, I first learned about social media type websites a few years ago when the MySpace craze hit a lot of our teens at Grand Heights, and I had to explore their world and get a MySpace page to understand what in the world they were talking about.  By the time I started getting used to it, many of them had already migrated to Facebook and many of them claimed to never really get on MySpace anymore.

So then I started a Facebook account, which almost every one of our college students was using.  Today it seems that Facebook is still going strong with even my mom and dad getting on there; however, my wife has yet to start a Facebook page.  Many of the teens are still using Facebook, and some still use MySpace, but most send a couple thousand of text messages on their cell phones instead.

So now that you can surf the web, post on your Facebook wall, text message, and Tweet all on your cell phone, I suppose I’ll have to get me an upgraded cell phone to keep up with my Blog too.  But personally, I like using a laptop and a real keyboard for all those things…bigger screen, faster typing, etc.

Well Pastor Waldo got his Blog setup before mine (www.WheresPastorWaldo.com) and with our new church website (www.GrandHeights.org) launching this week, it’s time to start an official Blog for PD.  I’ll try to post at least once a week here in the beginning.  But please be patient as I figure out how all this works.  I’ll try to tweak my Blog to my own personal style, and hopefully many of you at our church, and those of you who may have intentionally or unintentionally stumbled upon my Blog will keep coming back here to read more.

I’d imagine you may have wondered what the life of a youth and worship pastor is like, so hopefully you’ll get a sampling of that, reading it here.  But more than that, I hope you get a better understanding of what it means to live life as someone who is developing the heart of Christ.

And maybe…just maybe…you’ll come to embrace that same life for yourself.


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